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بلاك جاك في قطر كازينو اون لاين


لعبة بلاك جاك في قطر Blackjack 

لعبة البلاك جاك تعتمد على الخبره والتركيز اكثر من الحظ, ويمكن كسب الكثير من المال وبكميه كبيره, العبة سهلة وقواعدها واضحه ومن السهل فهمها.


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للفوز بهاذة اللعبة يجب تعلم طرق واستراتيجيات اللعبة اولاً, وان تثبيت هذه الاستراتيجيات واتقانها بشكل جيد يأدي الى تفادي الخسارة والربح.

يجب التمرن اكثر على اللعبة, فكلما زاد التمرن, وفهم استراتيجيات اللعبة كلما زادت فرص الفوز وكذالك فرص الحصول على كميه كبيرة من المال.


إنظمّ الان

تسجيل سريع و سهل

قم بالإيداع

طالب بالمكافأة

لعب مباشر

لا حاجة للتحميل

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How to Play Blackjack

The dealer distributes two cards for each player, and the distributor, the "House" obsession, also has two cards, one of which is open and the other is covered.

If the first two cards the player gets are A and a card with a value of 10, then BLACKJACK is the winner and the value of the bet is calculated at one and a half times the original betting value.

But it is provided that the distributor does not have the same value as the paperwork (the original and the card with a value of 10)

If this happens, the result is considered a draw and the amount of "bet" that has been awarded to the player is returned.



A (A) is equal to 11 or 1

A card with a value of 10 equals 10 or the king or the queen or the prince



Blackjack Game Rules

Points and rules in the game Blackjack Online is very important:

1) That the total value of the papers does not exceed 21 points, and if that happened, you are a loser.

2) The values of the values are calculated with one or 11 points.

3) The King, King and Young values are calculated by 10 points.

4) The rest of the papers are counted as their basic values.


In the event that the player does not get the blackjack (total 21 cards), the player can withdraw the cards,

So as to get the nearest total to 21, or stop withdrawing the papers when desired, but provided that the total does not exceed 21.


The paper dispenser can pull more sheets if the total number of paper is less than 16.

When the dealer gets a total of 17 or more leaves, he stops pulling the cards.

If the dealer receives a total of more than 21 cards, he will lose and he will have less than 21 players.



1) Bet - Bet : Choose the amount of the bet and place it on the win.

2) DEAL - DISTRIBUTION : In general, the game starts automatically as there are more than one player.

3) STAND - STOP : This means that the player does not ask for more cards and that the two cards in his possession are sufficient to win.

2) HIT - Multiplication : Any additional card you require to the two cards.

3) SPLIT - Split : If you have two cards equal in value you can divide them into two separate hands, but you must also add another bet that has the same value as the original bet.

4) DUBLE - double descent : This means you will double the bet and you will get only one card.

5) INSURANCE - When the value of the exposed distributor's paper is equal to A, the player can request hand insurance if the dealer receives a blackjack. This insurance will cost half the original bet value.





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للحصول على الأثارة والمتعة الحقيقية أثناء لعبة بلاك جاك اون لاين سيتوجب عليكم التسجيل وايداع المال الحقيقي.

نذكركم بان التسجيل من خلال موقعنا سيمكنكم من الحصول على مكافأة ترحيب شخصي! 
1. تسجيل سريع و سهل - أنقر هنا
2. قم بالإيداع وسيتم مضاعفة الإيداع


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